What we offer:

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Marketing analysis of the market of interest, analytics of the possibility of the implementation of your projects, goods and services.
The investigation of the market of trade offers, tracing of foreign trade tendencies allows to make and choose the best offers/applies for supply or purchasing projects, goods and services. Constant legal support will save you from customs or legal risks.
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Arranging goods delivery from Europe and other countries to the Eurasian Union , other CIS countries and countries of South-Eastern Asia.
We arrange delivery of your goods by automobile, railway, aviation or sea transport. We will provide delivery in short terms. We guarantee safety and integrity of goods and products.
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Working out IT-products.
We offer to create modern technological solutions to manage your business. We will create a product which will completely correspond to the specifics and meet the demands of your company.

The way we work:

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Preparing a foreign trade contract

We will prepare a profitable contract for you taking into consideration legislative acts of Russian Federation and other countries-participants.
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Complete customs support of goods

We will make customs clearing of your goods in short terms and in the customs institution nearest to you.
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The investigation and analysis of the market for supplied products

We will analyze the market of purchase and selling of your goods line and will make the most effective trade offer.
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Developing of the logistic scheme

Our long term experience in the field of logistic will allow choosing the optimal way of your goods' delivery.
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Cargo delivery to your storehouse

With cargo transportation we will deliver your goods in their integrity and safety to your storehouse in terms stipulated by the contract.

It is profitable and convenient for our client:

  • Flexible prices for our services are secured by direct partnership relations with big logistic centres and authorized economical operators;
  • We secure the delivery to the Customer's storehouse applying our own transport-logistic and financial tools;
  • Responsibility at every stage;
  • The process of customs clearance is carried out under the complete control of our specialists in the shortest terms;
  • We secure complete marketing, documentary and legal support of the foreign trade activity to our client.

The geography of deliveries

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The Transit Declaration

The service “ONLINE PROCEDURE” formalizes transit declarations through the countries of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union. Essentially, there are no big differences in the handling and the essence of the procedure.

The customs procedure of the customs transit is the customs procedure applied to foreign goods according to which such goods are transported on the customs territory without paying customs duties, taxes, special antidumping, compensatory duties in compliance with the terms of placing the goods under this procedure.

For foreign goods the transit declaration is formalized alongside with securing the paying of the customs duties and taxes. Regarding goods having the status of domestic ones, the customs procedure is applied if they are transported between the customs institutions through a foreign territory.

In the European Union the transit declaration is called T1. In the Eurasian Economic Union this procedure is specified with code 80.

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Preliminary informing

All transport vehicles crossing the borders of the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Union no later than two hours before arriving for inspection are to provide the information about the imported cargoes and goods to the customs institutions.

The procedure is adopted to reduce the time of transport vehicles and cargoes inspecting right on the border and to reduce queues.

The accurateness of the declaration formalizing and the information about the transported cargo is checked and corrected not on the border but already during the time of the transport vehicle route towards the customs office. All non-conformities are eliminated in advance and the procedure of crossing the border is reduced to minimum.

In Belarus Republic the procedure is called Electronic Preliminary Informing (EPI). In Russian Federation it is Preliminary Informing (PI).

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Veterinary documents

Before the arrival of the cargo under control of veterinary institutions at the territory of the European Union, it is necessary to inform the border veterinary office through which the cargo will be imported.

Informing the veterinary service is done by means of submitting the Veterinary Importing Document (VID).

Preliminary information for filling in the VID is given electronically by registered users through the telecommunication system of veterinary services of the EU countries.

Our directions managers:

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Manager, business analyst
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Manager, logistics and trade
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Manager, IT-consultant